Fagan se woonstel


Om te bespreek, KLIK HIER.


I am proud to introduce you to Fagan’s , our new flat that was completed in September 2012.

Fagan is a flat with two bedrooms at the bottom of Erika house. With it’s wooden floor and real old fashioned renovated cast iron bath, the unusual shapes of the bedrooms, and the old fashioned iron and copper beds, Fagan have a special charm.

The open lounge/ kitchen area has a TV with OVHD decoder. Wi-Fi is also available on the premises.

In front of Fagan is the large garden and lawn, adding even more space.The flat even has a little bit of sea view. Fagan is exactly 500 m from the sea and swimming beach and about 200 m from shops, restaurants and churches. The portable braai is just outside , but lower down in the exceptionally large garden, is another braai area lit by colourful lights in the evening, giving it a festive look.



T0 BOOK: phone 0845874228 or CLICK HERE

Fagans is suitable for up to 4 people.

Price list FOR 2021:

Fagans has a gliding scale.


2 people: R680pn ( R340pp)

3 people: R750pn( R250pp pn)

4 people R840 ( R210pp pn)

Midweek ranges` from R 600 for 2 people- R800 for4 people.

Easter weekend and December holidays; R1000 pn for 4 people or less + once off cleaning fee of R200.

One night only; R300 pp pn but with a minimum fee of R1000.`

Once off extra for all bookings: R200 sanitizing amount, ti get a prifessiinak to sanitise the apartment before your arrival.

Email: seegogga@gmail.com to book, or phone 0845874228 for more information

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